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The First Online Quran School to Take You to Hajj, When you Graduate insha’Allah!

What You Get

Arabic Speed Learning
Learn How to Read Arabic Properly in Under 30 days by Experienced Quran Teachers Who Have Taught Thousands of Young and Older Muslims
Language of the Quran
Learn the Key Vocabulary Words that Will Allow you to Understand the Majority of the Quran. So Next time you are behind the Imam, you Heart will cry and connect with the words of Allah Swt. 
Memorize The Quran
Memorize The Quran, The More You Memorize, the Higher in you will be in the ranks of Jannah insha’Allah
Interactive Quran Tafseer
Learn What Allah means, and wants to teach in every Surah that you memorize! We promise, that with every surah you learn, you will 10x the quality of your life, because you will understand what Allah teaches you, and will instantly be able to enhance your life!
Weekly Seerah Halaqa
Learn about the Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH and all the details of his intimate life. And Grow your love for Him, and strengthen your bond with the beloved last messenger of Allah SWT
Tazkiya - Purifcation of the Heart
The Most important organ in our Human body has a spiritual connection to Allah SWT. And if it's not cleaned regularly, that connection can be choppy. Clean your heart with the tazkiya program 
Friends From Jannah - Salah
The Wolf Goes After the Lone Sheep - Shaytan is even worse! Have a small intimate group of hand-picked friends from the community that you will help each other pray your 5 daily prayers, and help each other become strong, consistent Muslims - and together, enter jannah insha’Allah for helping each other remember and worship Allah Swt
Jannah Friends - Quran
Have a Dedicated Small Group of Intimate Friends at the same level, who you will memorize and progress with insha’Allah, no one gets left behind
Fiqh 101
What Are The Fundamentals of our deen? What essential things does EVERY Muslim absolutely need to know? The Bare minimum to enter Jannah?

Learn in your weekly Fiqh Classes
Fully Segregated
All live Classes, Live Quran, Fiqh, Q/A, Communities are FULLY segregated. 

Men (even management and Othman himself) will never have access to the Sisters communities, and vice versa. 

Sisters are taught by qualified sisters who have ijazah, and are certified student of knowledge or qualified to teach
A FREE Hajj Trip
insha’Allah we plan to take the graduates of the quran school to Hajj, along with their fellow graduates of the year :)

You Get Sadaqa Jariya
Earn Passive Hasanat, Guaranteed when you die. We invest part of your installment every month into giving the gift of water to fellow Muslims, in your name, and we share the wells with you (currently over 30 Alhamdulillah)
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